WORKSHOP Weaving: From Thought to Fabric

by - Monday, April 02, 2012

Weaving: From Thought to Fabric
Misao Iwamura with Chisako Hisamatsu

$450 (includes $70 lab fee) class limit 14

September 19-22 (Wed-Sat) 10am–4pm
Maiwa East, 1310 Odlum, Vancouver, Canada

In this four-day workshop participants will learn different methods for designing unique fabrics. On the first day students are given an initial image to use as inspiration. Through experimentation with painting, drawing, and other creative techniques, students will acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to translate ideas into distinctive textile designs.

An experienced weaver who spent many years designing fabrics and yarns for industry, Misao prizes creativity and originality. Rather than imparting new weaving techniques or copying existing patterns, Misao will teach students to master the creative process itself. Participants will complete the workshop with the confidence to develop an initial design image into a woven sample. Misao is joined by fellow weaver and teacher Chisako Hisamatsu for this workshop.

Misao hopes this workshop will be an inspiration for beginners as well as experts and is confident that participants will discover unlimited possibilities for creating original work.

Note: the comprehensive presentation of Misao’s development and work takes place in her lecture A Life in Weaving (Sept. 18). Misao has asked that the lecture form a pre-requiste for this course. Students must bring their own rigid heddle or multi-harness table loom and a warping board.

Misao Iwamura and Chisako Hisamatsu arrive from Japan for this workshop. They will also give a lecture and exhibit their work at the Silk Weaving Studio.

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