WORKSHOP Banjara Embroidery

by - Monday, April 23, 2012

Banjara Embroidery
Jan and Laxmi Duclos

$195 (includes $40 lab fee) class limit 16
FIRST TIME October 19, 20 (Fri, Sat) 10am–4pm
SECOND TIME October 21, 22 (Sun, Mon) 10am–4pm
Maiwa Loft, Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada

Jan and Laxmi Duclos arrive from Hampi, India, to teach this workshop in the traditional embroidery technique of the Banjara. Known for bold colours, forceful designs, large mirrors, and the incorporation of lead, silver, and cowrie shell ornaments, Banjara stitchwork is easily identified. It is powerful work that reflects the strength of the culture that makes it.

In this two-day workshop students will learn mirror binding (fixing the mirror to the cloth), decorative stitches, border stitches, and running stitches. Participants will also be guided through geometric motifs, layout, and colour choices. Laxmi, a member of the Banjara community, will explain the significance of these elements and the part they play in the fabric of Banjara culture.

Jan and Laxmi run the Surya’s Lambhani Women Welfare Trust (Surya’s Garden) in Hampi, India. This may be the only opportunity in North America to work directly with a member of the Banjara community.

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