WORKSHOP The Noren Workshop

by - Monday, April 02, 2012

The Noren Workshop
Yoko Kano with Kazuho Kano

$350 (includes $80 lab fee) class limit 14

September 16-18 (Sun, Tue) 10am–4pm
Maiwa East, 1310 Odlum, Vancouver, Canada

Noren are traditional cloth dividers that hang in doorways or windows. They appear in the front entrance to bath houses and shops to signify that the establishment is open for business. They usually have one or more vertical slits in the cloth that run almost to the top.

The designs on the noren of Katsuyama are made entirely through stitch resist and immersion dyeing. In this workshop students will have an opportunity to study with master noren artist Yoko Kano and her daughter Kazuho. Students will learn how Yoko approaches the collaboration with a client and be introduced to the aesthetic of noren design. The class will then embark on the production of their own individual noren using stitch resist and immersion dyes.

Yoko and Kazuho Kano arrive from Japan. They will aslo give a dye workshop and a lecture. There will be a noren exhibit in September.

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