Maiwa on the Road - Jawaja

by - Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Maiwa has been on the road for a little over a month now. Visiting people and places throughout India and Bangladesh. Recently we stopped in to see the craftspeople from the Artisans Alliance of Jawaja. The group comprises both leatherworkers and carpet weavers. Here are a few photos from the visit.

Each year the carpets seem to get more colourful. They are woven from the substantial local wool, making them very durable. The looms are wider that those we usually see used for shawls.

Maiwa staff Loraie and Danielle, share a cup of sweet Indian chai with the carpet weavers next to stacks of new work. 

Many people now know the famous Jawaja leatherwork. In airports we often encounter people who recognize the bags and strike up a conversation. Here Sophena checks out the capacity of a new design.

Our annual meeting with the Artisans Alliance of Jawaja is a highlight of our trip. Maiwa owner, Charllotte Kwon especially looks forward to this meeting as she has seen the cooperative grow more confident every year. New designs and innovations are presented with pride. The walls of the meeting room now contain posters promoting the cooperative. To belong to the Artisans Alliance of Jawaja is to belong to a group that is known throughout India and the world.

The works of the Artisans Alliance of Jawaja are available online. 

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  1. I am vimal from India and soon plan to visit jawaja , your blog is useful information for me.
    Thank you.


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