Wrap Party Auction Exceeds Expectations

by - Monday, October 31, 2011

Charllotte the auctioneer. 
Above, the highlight of the auction occured when Charllotte started the bidding on a handwoven, naturally dyed shawl from Shamji. This piece was a twin of the one in the Masterworks exhibition and, to judge by the fast-paced bidding, more than one person was willing to go the distance.

This is our first year running the events much closer to home. All lectures and events took place in the Net Loft. Our exhibitions took place at Maiwa East. For us that meant we could offer a much more intimate experience. The symposium is now very close to both our stores and workshop spaces. We feel the transition has been very successful.

Alex and Tosh prepare the video screen
 for the Foundation slideshow.
The transition has been so successful, in fact, that we are considering moving to an “every year” schedule for the symposium. This gives us the flexibility to bring in world-class textile artisans to Vancouver for both workshops and lectures.

We are working hard to make Vancouver the textile centre of the world.

28 auction lots, on display,
labeled and ready to go!
A symposium of this scope does not come without a lot of effort from a host of individuals. That means, instructors, volunteers, and staff. Anyone who has been in a the room with us, as we negotiate scheduling knows what a commitment is needed to bring the Symposium to a successful conclusion. We have flights coming into the airport, instructors being delivered to hotels, workshop supplies being sorted into bins and delivered where they are needed on time. We have set-up and tear down for events, we have caterers, wine and food orders arriving and we have the paperwork that goes with this. Permits, schedules, contracts, timelines. We'd like to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone involved.

The Wrap Party is our biggest fundraiser for the Maiwa Foundation. If you’ve been part of the Symposium so far you probably have seen some of the work that has come out of the Foundation. In January 2011 we brought natural dye chemist Michel Garcia to Bengal to lead an artisan Masterclass. We have also used the Foundation to resolve the Jawaja Leatherworker’s – who were indentured to a predatory lender, to assist the Ajrah Blockprinters of Ajrakhpur and Damadkha with their water situation and to assist artisans throughout the Kutch Desert in the aftermath of the disasterous 2001 earthquake.

A delicious selection of door prizes greets the guests.
The evening raised over 17,000 dollars for the Maiwa Foundation. We are extremely grateful to our audience for all the support. We would also like to say we had a fantastic time dancing.

Jamie Dale and the Hip Replacements lead the groove.

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