Yarns and Lines - Alison Ellen visits Canada

by - Monday, October 03, 2011

Allison Ellen delivered the third lecture of the symposium Friday night. Yarns and Lines: New Directions in Hand Knitting took the audience through the evolution of her own work and how she repeatedly questioned, broke, and adapted the basic assumptions of hand knitting to produce sculptural and innovative Pieces. The talk was well received by both expert knitters and those who have never held knitting needles. 

The evening was introduced by Toby Smith who can be seen here presenting Allison with a gift at the conclusion of her talk. The next day Alison began teaching the first of her two sold-out workshops. She brought 23 of her remarkable works with her - a number sold right away at her talk but we still have some in the Maiwa Store for viewing or purchase.

Our next lecture will be given on October 6th by Michel Garcia. Why We Dye: Insights from the Chromatic World. This event is sold out.

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