In Praise of Sheep

by - Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jorie Johnson addresses the crowd before the lights go down and the show starts.

Last night Jorie Johnson praised sheep - and the unique qualities of wools to make felts. She considered the influence of living in Kyoto, Japan, (the end/start of the silk road) on her work, and told some stories of encounters with Tibetan shepherds. Jorie told the audience about the cutting edge of felt work - including an incredible combination of lacquerware and felt to make the most unusual drinking vessels. 

Diana Sanderson introduces Jorie Johnson

Jorie's talk was introduced by Diana Sanderson of the Silk Weaving Studio (located on Granville Island). Diana and Jorie were busy most of the afternoon eyeing how best to display Jorie Johnson's exhibit which has its opening this Friday October 14th.

Tonight (October 13) is the opening of the Masterworks Exhibition. We've been transforming Maiwa East, once again into a gallery environment to showcase a collection of exceptional textiles.

Charllotte and Sophena Kwon decide on the placement of textiles for the Masterworks exhibit

Sophena fine tunes the hanging of one of the textiles.

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