Michel Garcia at Maiwa

by - Saturday, October 08, 2011

Michel Garcia reviews three types of tannin.

Chemist, botanist and natural dye specialist Michel Garcia is back in Vancouver. He has just begun teaching the first of his two workshops at Maiwa East. The class opened with a review of fibre types and an introduction to the different types of tannins.

The opening moments Michel's class at the Maiwa East Dye Studio

The class opened the morning after Michel spoke to a sold-out crowd at his lecture: Why we Dye: Secrets from the Chromatic World. For many, Michel's lecture was an eye opener. His explanation of the role of tannins and colourants from a plant's perspective - illustrating how they enhance various survival mechanisms - gives a greater, more holistic understanding of the relationships of dye chemistry.

Michel answer questions from the floor at his lecture.

In 2009, Michel first spoke at the Maiwa Symposium, delivering a talk recounting the establishment of the garden of natural dye plants in Lauris, France. Michel's first lecture is available on our podcast page.

In the first part of 2011, the Maiwa Foundation brought Michel to India to lead a masterclass workshop for experienced, traditional dyers. The results of this week-long intensive will be on exhibit next week as the Masterworks Exhibit. Some tickets are still available.

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