New to the Store: Kalamkari Bedding

by - Monday, November 07, 2011

The distinctive block and mallet used in kalamkari blockprinting.

The designs of old Persia
printed by the most skilled
craftspeople of South India

The term Kalamkari is derived from "kalam" pen, and "kari" work. The original kalamkaris had fine black lines drawn with a stylus. They had exceptional depictions of floral and geometric imagery and were made in South India for the markets of Persia. With the British presence in India a demand was created for printed cottons in both England and Europe and kalamkaris became hugely popular.

Ever since the eighteen century kalamkaris have been made with blocks rather than pens. The technique is specialized and deploys both motifs and processes which are not found in any other part of India.

Maiwa has been working with kalamkari craftsmen for a number of years. On our 2011 visit we expanded our order and began work on clothing designs to take advantage of the distinctive patterns.

This week we have received our first shipment of kalamkari bedding into the store. You are invited to come down and unfold as many as you like. The patterns are full of personality and represent a glorious tradition.

A selection of prints piled on the Maiwa bed - detail in every fold.

Bedsheets 60" x 60" - 49.95
Bedsheets 60" x 90" - 59.95
Bedsheets 90" x 90" - 89.95
Duvet Cover - Available to be made-up - 159.95
Pillow Case - 14.95
Cushion Cover 16" - 15.95
Cushion Cover 24" - 19.95
Napkin - 5.95

Available In Store Only.

Fabric in piles after its first printing. Soon it will be printed with additional colours.

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