23 Masters in a Room

by - Friday, October 14, 2011

Masterworks - before the doors open.

It is perhaps the most concrete example to date of the work that the Maiwa Foundation does. Our main goal and primary project was to gather together master craftspeople who use natural dyes for a week-long workshop of demos and troubleshooting with natural-dye specialist Michel Garcia. You can read all the details of that adventure in our series of Blog Posts. On the last day of the class we announced the Masterworks Challenge to the artists - use new techniques and skills developed at the workshop to create a masterwork. The Maiwa Foundation would commission the work, the works would become part of the Maiwa Textile Collection and form this exhibition. 

A discerning crowd of textile artists and enthusiasts give the works a detailed inspection. 
The exhibition opened last night. It was packed. It was also a fine display of exceptional work. For those of you who could not attend in person, we are in the process of editing together some photos of the pieces which we will post to the blog along with the descriptions of the works and the comments that the artisans passed to us with their finished pieces.

Gale Anderson-Palm (right) and Jane Stafford - two assistants in the Mastersclass,
explain works that they have contributed to the exhibition.
 In addition to the works sent by the participants of the workshop, the exhibit included works by the Maiwa organizers, and assistants. These were not commissioned by the foundation, but rather were contributed by the individuals.

The Naad Collective add music to the evening.

It was a very successful evening. We were so incredibly proud to place the accomplishments of these skilled artisans on public display. Thank you to everyone who attended. The exhibition remains up until 4pm Sunday October 16th.

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