The Masterwork Challenge

by - Tuesday, March 08, 2011

When Maiwa wrapped up the masterclass on Feb 3rd we made a special announcement to the participating artisans.

The Masterwork Challenge.

Create a masterwork using skills or knowledge developed in the workshop for a value of 20,000 rupees. A single piece that will break new ground. The artisans have six months to complete the work. With an allowance for trans-atlantic shipping - that should mean that we can mount an exhibit of the finished pieces toward the end of the 2011 Maiwa Symposium.

What do you get when you give a challenge like this to a group of the best artisans in India? We don't know yet, and we can hardly wait to find out ...

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  1. Excellent idea, MAIWA. Hope some textile artists are included! Really look forward to the results. Sally Holkar WomenWeave Charitable Trust

  2. Hi Sally - the Masterwork Challenge is only open to textile artisans, specifically those artisans who participated in the Natural Dye Masterclass held in Bengal at the end of January 2011. See our previous posts for full details. Thanks


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