Bowen Island raises over $7000

by - Monday, May 11, 2009

Project Dhamadka got another boost on Saturday at the Bowen Island Ajrakh Auction. Organized by Mariana Holbrook, Judi Gedye and Maiwa Handprints, the auction raised over $7000. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped display textiles, provide food, track bids and make this event such a success.

It was a beautiful setting at the Cates Hill Chapel. Auction pieces included clothing, jewelry, embroideries, and quilts. Exhibition quality, double-side ajrakhs, were donated by the Khatri's and the other pieces were donated by Maiwa Handprints to raise money to help relocate the traditional blockprinting community of Dhamadka. The Maiwa Foundation would like to thank everyone who came out.

The Bowen Island newspaper, Undercurrents, ran two stories leading up to the auction. They are linked here. The first ran on April 30 and the second ran on May 8, 2009.

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