Marketing Craft: Artisans, Culture, and Trade

by - Thursday, May 21, 2009

2009 Maiwa Textile Symposium

Instructor Ashoke Chatterjee

The evolution of markets can affect the lives and well-being of millions. The global meltdown has brought this fact into sharp relief. Its implications are particularly severe for millions of artisans worldwide for whom the reality of highly competitive markets was challenging enough before crisis overtook the world economy. Now, their life on the edge is threatened even further.

So what will happen to livelihoods that are entwined not just with market realities but equally with the complexities of cultural, social, and political change? What market shifts can we assist that can help sustain not only earnings but also the cultures and identities of peoples?

In this workshop, Ashoke Chatterjee will help participants to explore this practical challenge using real-life marketing and research experiences from South Asia. The workshop will consider the current craft crisis as well as craft opportunities at a time when economic stimulus must take the ‘growing green movement’ into account, and it will explore ways to empower those who have been left far too long at the margins of society. This workshop is very useful for those working in development, trade, economic revitalization, or rural recovery. Mr. Chatterjee joins us from India.

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