Indigo, Shibori, and Beyond

by - Thursday, May 07, 2009

2009 Maiwa Textile Symposium

Instructor Vivien Prideaux

This workshop begins with the Japanese techniques of shibori (the inventive art of Japanese shaped resist dyeing); combines these techniques with natural fermentation indigo; and then over-dyes the finished work with fibre-reactive dyes. The resulting textures and colours create exquisite and fanciful fabrics of many moods: gossamer soft, delicate, rich, glowing, demure, or vibrant.

Vivien Prideaux arrives from Great Britain to give this inventive workshop. Student will acquire new dyeing skills and the opportunity to be creative with these new skills.

The aim of the workshop is for the student to acquire an introduction to the skills of natural Indigo dyeing with hands-on experience of natural fermentation vats and fibre-reactive dyeing. Students will also explore various methods of resist fabric preparation including shibori and textured fabric.

Students will experience the art of shibori come alive through demonstrations, individual instruction, group work, and presentations.

Vivien Prideaux

Vivien Prideaux works from her garden studio in Fowey, Cornwall, UK. For twenty-five years she has worked as a dyer, embroiderer, freelance tutor, lecturer, and writer. Her passion and commitment to textiles has taken her all over the world, sourcing unusual hand-woven, embroidered, and natural fabrics and traditional dyeing techniques from India, Thailand, New Zealand, Western Samoa, and Japan.

For Vivien, cloth and stitch are a natural means of expression. She uses shibori, indigo, and natural dyes as contemporary techniques of our time, but she also delves into traditional and cultural references to create a wider vocabulary to use in her work.

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