Felt Fabrics for Interiors

by - Monday, May 25, 2009

2009 Maiwa Textile Symposium

Instructor Nicole Chazaud

In four days students will learn how to design and make coordinated felt fabrics for interiors.

Day one begins with colour theory. Based on over twenty-five years as a commercial colourist working in the textile industry and as a fibre artist, Nicole shows students how to identify and work with harmonious colour combinations. The second day presents a range of pattern and motif used throughout history on decorative objects. The focus will aid the student-designer to stylize an object for the sake of design and reproduction. Exercises illustrate repetition and classic composition formats. On the third day the class will design three coordinating fabrics. Working from sources of inspiration, students will establish the design in small format on paper, then lay out their fibre for each project. The class will learn special techniques for upholstery-weight patterned felt. On the fourth day everything comes together as the students felt their three pieces.

Nicole, who joins us from New York, uses class discussion and critiques as an extremely stimulating mechanism of discovery, both for the student and the class. She takes a positive and nurturing approach, explaining and/or observing each student’s process. The goal is to reinforce the positive and make suggestions towards other interpretations of the exercises.

Previous (wet) felting experience necessary. Students will felt using traditional wet flat-rolling techniques.


Nicole Chazaud is an award-winning surface designer. She brings over 25 years of experience in the commercial textile industry and the decorative arts and interior design fields with focuses in high-end residential specialty fabrics and rugs. As a designer, her passion is interpreting elements found in nature into simple sophisticated designs. Her attention to details like mixing and combining textures and varying the scales of coordinated patterns and interior elements is the trademark of her style and reputation.

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