Review - Crossing a Line

by - Friday, September 28, 2012

Last night Daniella Woolf took the audience through a tour of her work and creative journey. The fourth lecture in the Maiwa Textile Symposium was very well received and Daniella held the floor for an extended question and answer session.

Today Daniella Woolf began her workshop: Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility. "textile sensibility" ... there is no definition in the dictionary for this, so Joanne Mattera, in her 2010 introduction to Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility (by Daniella Woolf)  has described it as "a creative expression of the primal impulse to interlace." 

The class was able to yield to this impulse, although there was also a great deal of opportunity to work with colour. For many encaustic was unfamiliar territory, but there was no better guide to introduce them than Daniella. The students ended the day with surprise that the class was finished for the day. We have already made plans to have Daniella back to teach additional workshops in 2013.

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