Our First Lecture - Following a Narrative Thread

by - Thursday, September 13, 2012

A collection of Janet Bolton's work on exhibition in the Net Loft.

September 12 was our first lecture presentation. In her soft spoken English lilt, Janet Bolton introduced the audience to the threads of her life and how they all came together in a journey of making. Beginning with her first explorations in creativity when she was a child, Janet, shared her growing awareness of a personal creative procedure. It was an approach that thought of composition holistically and resisted any attempt at trying to pre-determine the outcome. Janet related how it frustrated her when she worked on silkscreen printing - because she couldn't add elements half-way through. On the other hand, this same method led to her signature technique of painting on fabric with swatches of cloth, needle and thread.

Janet Bolton talking about her relationship to fabric.

The evening was introduced by Toby Smith. Janet's lecture comes before her five days of teaching students her technique (workshops are sold out). Janet brought a number of works with her that will be for sale. They will be available only as long a Janet is in Vancouver (until september 17th). 

Toby Smith introducing Janet Bolton
We also brought in a number of copies of Janet's new book "Textile Pictures" which is available in our shop. It contains some wonderful drawings and illustrations in addition to full colour images of Janet's work.

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