Featured Workshop: Filming the World

by - Monday, October 01, 2012

Do you have an urge to document textiles, fibers, craft techniques, or even your own projects? Are you curious how making a visual record turns into a documentary?
This is a rare opportunity to work directly with American Documentary Filmmaker Mary Lance.

During this three-hour workshop students will learn:
1) How a documentary project begins: Knowing the difference between a subject that interests you and one that you will spend years exploring.
2) How the project moves from inspiration to production: Development, research, finding people and locations, shooting.
3) How the story develops and comes to life in editing.

Maiwa Loft, Granille Island, Vancouver

October 11 (Thu) MORNING 10am-1pm - class limit 18
October 11 (Thu) AFTERNOON 2am-5pm - class limit 18

Mary Lance is an award-winning filmmaker with more than 25 years’ experience in documentaries. Her film Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World has been shown widely in the USA and abroad. Diego Rivera: I Paint What I See was awarded a jury prize at the Biennial of Films on Art at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, a Gold Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival, and other awards. Her newest release, Blue Alchemy: Stories of Indigo, is being screened at Fifth Avenue Cinema on October 10.

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