Review - A Life in Weaving

by - Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"I wanted to weave a fabric that was like the morning fog."  This was only one of the evocative comments made by Misao Iwamura that had the audience transfixed at last night's lecture.

Misao is a master weaver and contemporary textile designer. She is also a remarkable woman who, through a desire to communicate directly took english classes so that she could present her talk to the Vancouver audience in English. Through a series of photographs and descriptions Misao showed, side, by side, the inspiration for a weaving and the finished result. Often drawing directly from nature, Misao stated that the largest portion of her textile work involved creative decisions. The smaller portion involved the actual production. When asked about her love of cashmere and her desire to use only the best yarns to achieve a result, Misao reminded the audience that weaving an item was a long journey and it did not make sense to use source materials that were a compromise.

Misao was joined by fellow weaver Chisako Hisamatsu who is an accomplished weaver in her own right and a member of the Silk Weaving Studio. Both weavers arrived from Japan to present at the Maiwa Symposium. The evening was introduced by Diana Sanderson founder of the Silk Weaving Studio.

There will be a second opportunity to meet Misao on September 21st when she will be present for the opening of her exhibition at the Silk Weaving Studio. There is no admission charge for this event.

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  1. "I wanted to weave a fabric that was like the morning fog."



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