Slow Clothes Fashion Show

by - Saturday, July 04, 2009

2009 Maiwa Textile Symposium
Slow Clothes Fashion Show
Bai Lou,
Bleu de Lectoure,
Qiviuk Boutique,
and Maiwa

Slow Food
Live Music from
Pepe Danza and His Band

Fashion Show with garments available for purchase

Bai Lou – Garments designed around the magic of the handloom, with techniques that have amazed and inspired since Roman times.

Bleu de Lectoure – Not just a colour, but an ennoblement of the fabric. French woad or European blue. Fashion from a natural dye revival.

Qiviuk Boutique – Rare fibres from Arctic muskox spun and knit with the expertise of the Andean highlands. The very essence of luxury.

Maiwa – For over twenty years cultivating the highest levels in artisan work, combining them now in clothing with transcendent soul.

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