REVIEW: The Fabric of Trade - TSA Closing Plenary with Charllotte Kwon

by - Saturday, October 27, 2018

On September 22nd, 2018, Charllotte Kwon delivered the closing plenary address to the 2018 Textile Society of America Symposium. Meghann O’Brien set the tone by delivered the keynote to open the symposium. It was three intense days of textile presentations and events.

Charllotte addressed the 2018 theme: The Social Fabric: Pan Global to Deep Local in an hour long presentation that investigated the fabric of trade as a type of weaving between cultures, markets, artisans and techniques. There was a lively questions and answer session after the talk and discussion of these important issues carried into the final events of the TSA symposium. Maiwa and Charllotte would like to extend their appreciation to all the dedicated people who made the 2018 TSA symposium possible. It was truly an exceptional event.

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