Master weaver speaks about Laotian traditions

by - Sunday, July 12, 2009

Over one-hundred people came out on June 25th to hear master weaver Kongthong speak about Laotian weaving traditions. The soft-spoken founder of Phaeng Mai Gallery from Vientianne, Laos, explained the deep connection between weaving and Laotian culture. "It is our gift to each other and to the world. Any woman can join the Phaeng Mai Studio to learn the art of weaving. "

After a slide show, Kongthong delivered a very personal exhibition of the textiles she had brought with her. Kongthong, who studied and received a Masters degree in Russia, returned to Laos to dedicate herself to weaving. The Maiwa presentation was one in a series given to raise the profile of Laotian textiles. Karen Selk, of Treenway Silks ( organized a similar event on Salt Spring Island and in Victoria, BC.

Kongthong was overwhelmed with the turnout and extremely happy with the sales. She returned to Laos the following day.

Photo: Karen Selk of Treenway Silks, Kongthong of the Phaeng Mai Gallery, and Charllotte Kwon of Maiwa.

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