The Silk Road fills the Gallery

by - Friday, July 10, 2009

The music was fantastic, the food exceptional, the atmosphere exotic, and the Gallery full. Organizer Danielle Bush said, "The evening was magical, as always Chai brings together groups of beautiful people who share an interest in great food, music, dance, and who love to support a wonderful cause."

Our recent collaboration with Chai Gallery, "One Night on the Silk Road" was a night to be remembered indeed. Here we see one of the lucky raffle winners, Chika (who also sang at the event) with a collection of 4 DVDs, an ajrakh scarf and a wooden printing block, all contained in an antique teak platter.

A group of very talented musicians played that evening, including I Am Solidus, Chika Buston, and Tambura Rasa. The evening closed with Bocephus King, a.k.a. Jamie Perry.

The Maiwa Foundation raised over two-thousand dollars for Project Dhamadka. The financial goal was reached through generosity of spirit and an enchanting evening.

We encourage everyone to keep an eye on the Chai Gallery. They hold regular events that are quickly becoming a sensation in the Vancouver music scene. Maiwa is already looking forward to future collaborations.

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