A Cloth for all Tables

by - Tuesday, January 19, 2021



We call them tablecloths — but they are so much more. You can take them anywhere, and anywhere you put one down it will create a sense of place.

Naturally-dyed colour with organic cotton cloth; with patterns printed by wooden blocks using traditional techniques.

At Maiwa we work with artisans to create exceptional cloth. Patterns are always changing. The one above for example, is no longer available. But it holds a memory that is dear to us and so we include it to emphasize that cloth is always so much more than simply cloth. It makes us who we are and gives us the memories we cherish.

Cloth is a memory of the people who sat at your table. Cloth is the place where conversation flowed like wine with words and laughter. The next time you set a place you can feel the anticipation. 

Cloth is a square of your own anywhere. A tiny kingdom where you can rest, content.

To our U.S. customers – don't forget that the exchange rate works in your favour, it's like an extra discount.

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