Where Our Colour Comes From – Testing Each Season of Colour

by - Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Where our colour comes from ...
Maiwa spends a lot of time with natural colour. Like vintners, we are constantly evaluating a batch from the latest seasons' harvest. We have a table with dye pots going pretty much constantly. Each pot is a different colour ... yellows, reds, purples ... some contain wool, some contain  linen or cotton. Sometimes we are testing new recipes for our classes (like those being offered on our new website), sometimes we are testing a new recipe that we've found, and sometimes we are doing our own research, trying to hit a certain colour with a new technique. 

Things have not been easy in this strange new normal. We've done our best to constantly be in touch with the dye farmers to keep the lines of communication open. Things will come around. We find we are often able to gain a little perspective when looking over a simmering dye pot. For many of us it is a satisfying and reassuring place to be.

Our Large Sizes ... Always priced at wholesale rates.


Organic lightweight cotton bandana, great for dyeing and surface design projects. The hem is sewn with cotton thread making it optimal for indigo & natural dyes.
Size approx. 61cm (24") square.

We believe in sharing information. Find everything you need to get started in our comprehensive guide to natural dyes — Free online at naturaldyes.ca!

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