New Clothing – A Celebration of Handweaving

by - Thursday, October 22, 2020

The dyers sometimes wonder what has become of all the beautiful hanks of yarn that they so carefully hand-dyed with natural colour. It seems so long ago that the precious bundles went to the weavers.

And in the weaving shed, many months must pass before the finished cloth can be cut from the loom. When this happens though, each length is a reason to celebrate. Each bolt is a new indescribable fabric with a tooth and a pattern and a voice. Lengths of shot colour or undulating ikat, ingeniously created.

We set to work with rare cloth and this is what we made.

A clothing collection with richness of tone. With texture, softness and drape. With a satisfying feeling and cut to complement. Naturally dyed, ikat woven, or block printed. Wondrously worked in linen and handwoven cotton, some with the occasional stripe of wild tussar silk.

All pieces go together — there is no such thing as too much pattern or too many layers. 

This year’s holiday shipping times are going to be difficult to predict.

For international shipping,
please plan ahead and allow a generous amount of time.

To our U.S. customers – don't forget that the exchange rate works in your favour, it's like an extra discount.


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