The Magnificent Glint of Copper

by - Thursday, October 08, 2020


The copper handi — traditionally used to serve tasty Indian meals, from Biriyani to Dal Makhani. We love these as serving dishes for dishes of all kinds.  They also work well as decorative accents in the home and kitchen. 
Lined with durable food-safe stainless steel, the outer part of the bowl is hammered copper that gains patina and character with use. It can also be polished on a regular basis to retain its warm copper glow.

Copper vessels are traditionally used in India to store drinking water. Now you can carry your water with you in these copper water bottles. A beautiful variation on the water bottle. 


A natural cotton throw that is a perfect warm white of unbleached cotton. This throw has great drape and textural hand. Simple knotted tassels on both ends. Keep it white or throw it in the dyepot!  It will dye beautifully. 

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