The Indigo Social

by - Thursday, May 07, 2015

On Tuesday May 5th we ran our first Indigo Social. Organized by Sophena Kwon, the evening took place in the soon-to-be Nectar Juicery in east Vancouver. It was promoted via the Maiwa Instagram Feed and was a huge success. Be certain to follow us to see when the next IndigoSocial pops up (#indigosocial).

Participants used a variety of shibori techniques to pattern cotton scarves with a fresh indigo vat using natural indigo. Just to make things tricky ... we had no access to running water on this evening. We worked with a row of pails, using the same techniques we use when we teach in countries where water is scarce.

Here are some photos of the evening (thanks to Britney Gill for sending them on).

We freely distribute our instructions for working with indigo and woad and also our instructions and recipes for a variety of organic indigo vats.

Sophena Kwon and Danielle Bush (directly above) will also be teaching the Journey into Indigo workshop at the 2015 Maiwa Textile Symposium. Complete registration information will be posted on this blog. Registration opens June 22nd, 2015.

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