How to Register for the 2015 Maiwa Textile Symposium.

by - Friday, May 22, 2015

Registration for 2015 opens on Monday June 22 at 10am.
You can register in person at the Maiwa Supply store, by phone, or on the internet.

We’ve been doing registrations for many years and ... it’s a rush. The lineup at Maiwa Supply on Granville Island forms early. But we have a highly efficient team of Maiwa veterans to guide the process. Here are some tips for successful registration.

LECTURES: are very unlikely to sell out on the first morning, so please don’t wait in the lineup if you only want lecture tickets. 

WORKSHOPS: Patience pays off. The phones are very busy so expect to redial on the first morning. We fill all spaces on a first-come first-served basis. A certain number of spaces are divided between on-line, phone, and in-store registration. On the first day WE DO NOT TAKE FAX registrations. WE DO NOT TAKE E-MAIL registrations at any time and discourage individuals from sending credit card information through e-mail. On-line registration is available through our new website ( Full instructions are below.

It is a good idea to have a second choice handy when you arrive or call. We maintain a waiting list and encourage people to ask to be added to it, especially in the first week. Registration confirmations will be sent by mail. Please allow 1–2 weeks for us to process your registration and another week for it to arrive through the mail. Payment is due at time of registration. 

Both the Maiwa Loft and Maiwa East are second floor locations accessed by stairs. We regret that they are not wheelchair accessible.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations on or before July 15, 2015, will be charged a $35 fee.Cancellations after July 15, 2015, receive a 50% refund.Cancellations after August 1, 2015, receive no refund. 
Students who are unable to attend a workshop may elect to send a qualified replacement if they notify Maiwa in advance. Maiwa reserves the right to cancel classes due to instructor illness, or unforeseen circumstances. In the unlikely event of a class cancellation, Maiwa’s liability shall be limited to a refund of class fees. Maiwa shall not be responsible for airline tickets, hotel reservations, travel costs, or other expenses.


We have built a new site for the Maiwa School of Textiles (AKA the Maiwa Symposium). We take payment by Mastercard, Visa, or Paypal. You can find our new site here:

Before 10am on June 22nd, there will be NO option to register for workshops. So, as you can see below, the "add to cart" button is missing.

That button will show up at 10am on the Monday June 22nd. Once it appears, the page will look like this:

To see the button appear the instant registration opens, you will need to refresh your web page. Google "refresh web page" and the web browser you are using if you don't know how to refresh a web page in your browser.

To register for a workshop select the "Add to Cart" button:

You will then have 10 minutes to select other workshops, complete your registration and check out. Here is what you will see:

Popular workshops can sell out very quickly on opening morning. If the workshop you wanted is sold out, you will see this message:

Some spaces may become available later in the morning as stock that was reserved for phone and store registrations becomes available. If you have missed a favourite workshop please keep checking on opening morning.


To create your account before registration, click on the "login" button at the top left.

Select "create new account" and complete the form on the following page. Be certain to save your password in a safe place!

NAVIGATING the registration website.

You can sort the listings by title, instructor, price, date, etc. You will see the sort option as you cursor over the appropriate field.

You can also SEARCH for a workshop title. For example enter "dye" to find the workshops with "dye" in the title.

There is a listing menu on the left of the browser window. Symposium offerings are listed under WORKSHOPS or LECTURES AND EVENTS. You can collapse or show the list with the triangle. Clicking on the workshop title will link to the workshop.

Registration FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

When does registration start?
10 am. Monday June 22, 2015

Is there a rush?
There is a rush for many of our workshops. We bring instructors from around the world and class size is limited. There is no rush for lectures and events.

I'm away/working/busy on registration day. Can I register ahead of time?
No. Please read about all your registration options below and select the one that works best for you. We have a large number of enthusiastic registrants and we have tried our best to be fair to all.

Where should I go to register in person?
Maiwa Supply on Granville Island.

When should I arrive to register in person?
Your call. People have arrived as early as seven or eight, coffee and muffins in hand. We are next to the Granville Island Market so food and coffee are nearby. It is generally nice weather and many sit and knit in the lineup.

Can I register for my friend?
You can register for yourself and up to two friends. Payment is due at time of registration. There is a fee for cancellations so make certain you understand our cancellation policy.

Can I register by phone?

Your phone line is always busy - what should I do?
Redial. Redial. Redial.

Can I register by fax?
NOT ON THE FIRST DAY. After the first day you may fax your registration form and credit card info. You may wish to check course availability by phone first.

Can I register by mail?
Yes. BUT we don't open mail registrations until 11:00 am. on the first morning. Don't forget to send your credit info, or cheques payable to Maiwa Handprints ltd.

Can I register by e-mail?
No. Please use our on-line site instead. E-mail is not a secure way to send credit card information and messages are occasionally blocked by spam filters.

Can I register on-line?

How do I register on-line
See our web page:

I'm trying to register on-line but I get a "No Spaces Available" message.
If you get the "No Spaces Available" notice, then the course may be already sold out on-line. This can happen very quickly on the first morning. At this point you can call and see if there are still spaces left for phone registration. Please ask to go on the waiting list.

How do I know my on-line registration worked?
You will have a confirmation screen giving a summary of your purchase. Please print this out and keep it. You will also receive an e-mail message confirming your order. Double check when entering your email in the form.

My credit card was declined! It's never been declined!
We, sadly, have no control over credit cards or banks. We have no mechanism to accept or change a declined card. 

Something mysterious happened and I can't be certain my on-line registration worked. What should I do?
E-mail us right away at give us as much information as you can. Especially which workshops you were trying to register for. If you suspect you are having e-mail difficulty please call us 604 669 3939 (The phones are usually past the mad rush by 12 noon).

I sent an e-mail but I got a reply from "Spam Arrest". What's up with that?
Spam Arrest is our spam filter. If this is your first time trying to contact us via e-mail you will recieve an e-mail reply from spam arrest asking to verify that you are not a spambot trying to fill our in-box with ads for cheap viagra. You'll have to type in a code that appears on the page. Don't worry it is all legit. If you'd prefer not to, there is still no cause for alarm. We check the spam filter persistently on opening day and authorize messages from registrants whom the spam filter has stopped.

I tried everything but my favourite workshop is full. What can I do?
Our staff know the workshops inside and out. We would be happy to suggest an alternative. We also keep a waiting list and if you get placed on it early there is still a chance that you will get in. People's plans change and spaces do open up.

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  1. I am trying to create an account prior to the workshop registration deadline of 22 June 2015 but I cannot find where to do this on your website.

    1. Hello. See the section above "Creating your Account." Make certain you are at

  2. Hello. You mention that registration opens at 10AM June 22. What timezone would that be? Thanks!

  3. Registration opens 10 am Pacific Time - Thanks


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