Lock Up Something Special

by - Friday, September 12, 2014

Artisan Made Locks

Handcrafted security

Maiwa East has just received a collection of handmade brass and iron locks. These are mostly antiques that were made in small metalworking shops. They are stamped with the number of levers in the mechanism and the maker's brand. They feature hand riveted brass plates. We have cleaned them up, oiled the mechanism and tested the key. They are the perfect lock for some of our antique cash boxes or writer's chests.

Small locks. $29.95 each. Brass and steel. Can be used on small boxes or lockers.

Medium sized locks. $39.95 each. Brass and steel. 

Large locks. #49.95 each. Brass and steel. Perfect for a chest, especially the type that holds larger treasure.

Small iron "screw key" locks. These have brass ornamental plates on the body and an ornate
screw key that it turned to open the lock. Prices vary starting at $29.95.

Large iron locks. We have some unusual variations, including the lower far left
- a lock which requires three keys to open. And the peculiar key lock in the upper centre.
Prices vary, starting at $39.95.

Maiwa East
1310 Odlum Drive
Vancouver BC Canada

Open Thrusday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
Open Sunday 11am - 5pm


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  1. I have a "large iron lock" from lower picture above "including the lower far left
    - a lock which requires three keys to open." I was told by shop keeper ~ 24 years ago that it was a lock for bank doors and the three keys required were held by three officers of the bank for security purposes. Do you still have this one? Do you have an age or history for this type of lock? I bought mine in Germany, FWIW.


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