Review - Return To The Illustrated Stitch

by - Saturday, September 13, 2014

Janet Bolton
On September 12 Janet Bolton returned to the Maiwa Textile Symposium to talk about her life and art. Janet's art is one of simple purity in which swatches of fabrics will suggest, with due encouragement and consideration, a vignette from childhood, a kite's journey across the sky, a day at the beach, or a warm grassy meadow.

"I love creating with fabric" Janet said, "If something is not right in your composition, you just pick it up and move it. You can't do that with paint, or pencil or chalk." Bolton also confessed to an enormous collection of swatches. "People often give me small bits of fabric that they can't bear to throw out." She said. She also confessed to coveting the colour or texture of the scarf of a passerby. "I sometimes think they wouldn't mind if just a tiny bit went missing" she joked.

It was a thoroughly delightful evening. Students registered in each of her three workshops are in for a special and unforgettable few days.

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  1. I have admired Janet for so many years now. In fact she inspired my love of quilting and applique and especially story quilts. Wish I could have met her.


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