Water Carries Colour, Water Waves Air

by - Monday, September 01, 2014

Water Carries Colour, Water Waves Air 

Reiko Sudo of Nuno Corporation 
Prof. Masayoshi Ohashi, 
Tokyo Zokei University of Art and Design

Two Lectures and an Exhibition

LECTURE: The Legendary Nuno Corporation
Reiko Sudo, Sept 3 

LECTURE: Beyond Tradition
Masayoshi Ohashi, Sept 4

EXHIBITION September 5 - 26
10-5 daily

Opening Reception:
Friday September 5, 6-8 pm
1531 Johnston St (on waterfront next to Sandbar Restaurant)
Granville Island, Vancouver Canada

Free Admission. Please RSVP to 604-687-7455
  www.silkweavingstudio.com       silkweave@telus.net

Reiko Sudo was born in 1953 and studied painting before focusing on textile design and hand weaving at Musashino Art University, Tokyo (1975), where she also taught.
She joined the Nuno Corporation in 1984 and since 1987 has been the design director as well as Professor at Tokyo Zokei University. Her inspiring experimental textiles have been exhibited worldwide and feature in many museum collections.  Nuno means “functional fabric” and the Nuno Corporation, which began as a specialist textile shop in Tokyo is now recognized as a world leader in the design of experimental contemporary fashion and interior textiles. Tapping into both high and low-tech solutions and using synthetic and natural fibers, Nuno has pushed forward the boundaries of textile design in terms of both technology and aesthetics.  
The Nuno Corporation specializes in a number of experimental techniques including warp-printing, applied decoration such as embroidery and overstitching (sashiko). Abstract patterns are also a feature of its flocked, heat-shrunk, and salt-shrunk fabrics, although texture, colour, sheen and translucency are the primary characteristics of these textiles. Nuno has exerted a huge impact on the textile industry internationally with innovations in fashion fabrics spilling out into furnishings.
Reiko Sudo was invited to Vancouver by the Silk Weaving Studio and Maiwa Textile Symposium as a role model for the integration of craft, art and industry.

 Jun’ichi Arai and the Nuno Corporation

In 1984 Arai founded the Nuno Corporation.  
Jun’ichi Arai grew up in the craft-weaving centre of Kiryu, a small town north of Tokyo, and established himself as an independent designer in 1955.  Arai  pioneered the use of computers and scanners in translating complex textile designs for the loom. “Fine contemporary cloths are the results fo the human spirit and new technology working hand in hand,” he observed.

Although Junichi Arai began working independently, Nuno’s free spirited approach to textiles has continued up to the present day under the inspired leadership of Reiko Sudo, the company’s director and chief designer.

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