Ten Thousand Splendid Things

by - Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Arrivals at Maiwa East - Here are some highlights. Each of our items is unique. All have personality.

We have quite a collection of painted cabinets and boxes. Here is a detail from a jewellery casket - at the top the paintings on each side, below are the front and back. Approx. 18" high, 12" wide and 10" deep.
Price 129.00

We have just received an assortment of antique tins. Used to contain everything from tea and toffee to pen nibs and tobacco. Sizes range from very tiny to the size of a cookie jar.
Prices range from 15.95 to 49.95.

Above is a hand-cast Ganesh Bell with brass chain. A substantial piece that evokes the spirit of Indian temple bells. Once struck the listener is immediately transported back to memories of India.
Price 299.00

Here is an assortment of hand cast, brass shakers. Featuring a variety of figures these unusual items also have a distinctive sound. Curious objects - great conversation starters.
Price 29.95

We receive containers on a regular basis holding old furniture, carved doors & thresholds, teak cabinets, coffee tables, book cases, engraved water urns, ironwork chairs and tables, furniture handpainted by the renowned Abhi Shakar and Jetu Singh, and many other items both large and small.

All hardwoods are old or reclaimed.

Thursday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday - 11am - 5 pm

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