Goodbye Green Zebra

by - Wednesday, September 07, 2011

We have sad news, and happy news.

The sad news is that the Green Zebra Coupon Book is being discontinued. Full details on how the Green Zebra coupons work can be found in our original post. At the end of August we received a letter saying:

"The Board of TB Vets Charitable Foundation announced to the staff last Thursday afternoon that, for economic reasons, they are closing all the Business Unit and social enterprise aspects of TB Vets. This means that Green Zebra has closed its doors and the 2012 book will not be printed."

The existing coupons expire at the close of 2011. The book cost $20 and had two Maiwa coupons (good for a one-time 20% discount on clothing and a one-time 20% discount on bedding). With the end of Green Zebra the creative minds at Maiwa were casting about for a replacement. This is what we came up with ... and here is the happy news:

The Maiwa Coupon Book! We added three additional coupons to bring the total up to 5. The coupon book is available for a $25 donation to the Maiwa Foundation. This is a great way to do two good things at once: receive a discount and make a donation to the foundation. Is it a good deal? We think so, and here's the math to prove it:

Let’s say you’re in the Maiwa store, and you want to buy $200 worth of clothing.

A $25 donation to the Maiwa Foundation gets you an immediate $40 discount. And ... you still have the other coupons. Here are some examples:

$75 off a $500 cabinet at Maiwa East
$40 off $200 worth of clothing from Maiwa
$50 off $250 worth of bedding from Maiwa
$9 off $60 worth of dyes from Maiwa Supply
$10 off any Maiwa workshop

Coupons last for a full year from the date of purchase. Coupons can be used in the Maiwa stores and are not valid online. They can't be combined with other promotions or discounts. Coupons are good for a one time purchase, but there is no limit to the number of coupon books you can buy.

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