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2011 Maiwa Textile Symposium Workshop

Natalie Grambow
$195 (Includes $60 Lab Fee) Two full days
November 5 - 6 (Sat - Sun) 10am - 4pm
Maiwa East - 1310 Odlum Dr. Vancouver, Canada Class Limit 16

This two-day workshop will focus on a number of transfer processes that allow students to incorporate photo imagery into their work.

Students will learn methods for the transfer of both black-and-white and colour imagery onto cloth. These include transparent marker, iron-on, solvent, and gel-medium transfers. Students will also learn how to layer, collage, and transfer photocopied images of drawings, text, and photos onto cloth. The final piece will be embellished by hand embroidering, stencilling, and/or blockprinting to create a unique work that exhibits a layered complexity.

Students are encouraged to bring a folder of personal imagery or text that they would like to incorporate into their work. Photocopies brought by the student should be fresh (one day old). An array of inspirational source material will also be on hand.

Natalie Grambow

Natalie Grambow has an extensive background in design, teaching, and textile arts. An accredited Interior Designer, she spent many years in Ottawa working within the architectural design field and teaching Design Theory. Natalie’s first deep exploration of textiles began during her Visual Arts/Photography studies at the University of Ottawa when she experimented with non-silver techniques of transferring photographic imagery onto cloth. She subsequently studied at the École d’Impression Textile à Montréal and later travelled to Asia and Latin America where she spent six months learning to weave with local Mayan weavers in Guatemala. Shortly after completing the Textile Arts program at Capilano College in 2001, she was awarded the BC Craft Association’s Award of Excellence. Natalie has developed a line of naturally dyed and printed fabrics and has been commissioned by such clients as the city of North Vancouver (to present an artist’s vision of North Vancouver on fabric).

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