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2011 Maiwa Textile Symposium Workshop

Hitoshi Ujiie
$395 (Includes $50 Lab Fee) Four full days
October 6 - 9 (Thu - Sun) 10am - 4pm
Maiwa Loft - Net Loft Granville Is. Vancouver, Canada Class Limit 16

The computer is a powerful tool for the manipulation of image and motif in textile design, both for designing patterning and envisioning it as large-scale yardage. Equally, the ability to control output devices (such as printers that can handle fabric) has given the textile artist enormous control.

This workshop is an introduction to the computer-aided textile design process using Adobe Photoshop software, from concept to preparing for print. Participants will learn from an industry pioneer to design and develop printed patterns and to understand the fundamentals of digital file preparation, file formatting, creating repeats, and colouring as well as the basics of digital inkjet printing on cloth. Demonstrations, discussions, and hands-on projects with technical assistance will enable participants to explore their technological and creative concerns to the fullest.

Hitoshi joins us from Philadelphia where he is associate professor of textile printing.

Please note: Students will need a laptop with Photoshop CS (CS 3 or 4 preferred) and an external storage device (hard drive or USB key with at least 2 GB free space). Students should have experience with Photoshop.

Hitoshi Ujiie

Hitoshi Ujiie, MFA, University of Georgia, and BFA, Kyoto Seika University, is a pioneer in the field of digital inkjet printing for textiles. His professional experience includes designing fine fabrics at internationally renowned Jack Lenor Larsen Design Studio. In 1991 he established Hitoshi Ujiie Design, a studio that specializes in the design of a wide range of new fabric products. He is an associate professor at Philadelphia University, where he established the Center for Excellence of Digital Inkjet Printing for Textiles.

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