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by - Tuesday, August 03, 2010

We have a few openings in all the following workshops. Click on the title for full details or online registration. Workshops run September, October, November 2010.

For Dyers:

Mudcloth with Michele Wipplinger
Discover the rich assortment of colour that can be gathered and brewed from the earth's crust.

Dyeing to Discharge with Carol Soderlund
Selectively remove and replace colour using clamp, pole-wrap, stencil, screen-printing, and block-printing techniques. Create striking imagery with complex layering of colour.

Vat Dyeing with Ros Aylmer
A number of dye techniques can be most effectively done with vat dyes, making this technique especially attractive to those working in the film, theatre and costume industries.

Acid Dyes and Discharge on Silk with Ros Aylmer
Play with the many effects that can be achieved with acid dyes and colour removal on silk. Using various shibori processes, the class will work toward a multi-layered cloth.

Between the Colours: Creative Resist with Natalie Grambow
Obtain a comprehensive understanding of resists: what advantage each has, what effects can be obtained, and what the proper techniques are for manipulating fabric, colour, and resist.

For Weavers:

Weaving in the Maiwa Tradition with Jane Stafford
Learn the loom-controlled techniques found in Maiwa's handwoven textiles. Originating in Bengal, India, these are simple structures pushing the boundaries of plain weave in fine yarns.

Woven Shibori: Weaving, Dyeing, and Shaping with Catherine Ellis
Explore the relationship between woven cloth and shibori using the loom to create shibori resist. Participants will weave fabrics of wool, silk, and other fibres to create woven resists for dyeing and shaping.

For Knitters:

Artful Knit: A Sculptural Approach with Adrienne Sloane
Use knitting fundamentals to create shapes while taking advantage of knit’s natural tendencies. This class in 3D knitting will start participants on a journey to develop a personal language of forms.

New Pathways for Sock Knitters with Sivia Harding
This class is an introduction to Cat Bordhi’s brilliant rethinking of the structure of the sock. Explore her eight new gussetless sockitectures featured in the book New Pathways for Sock Knitters.

Spin, Blend, Knit, Lace with Venessa Bentley
Explore spinning yarns and knitting lace work. Learn about the wheel, fibre choice, preparation, and spinning technique. Work with exotic fibres such as alpaca, llama, merino, polwarth, camel, mohair, angora, silk, and more.

Vintage Techniques: Modern Knits with Christa Giles
Shape your knitting on the needles. Move away from flat fabric and create beautiful special effects. These advanced techniques duplicate many details found in vintage and modern designer clothing.

Knitworks: Knit to Flatter and Fit with Sally Melville
A knitter who spends the time and energy to make her own clothes should be rewarded with a result that makes her happy and proud. Learn how to knit to fit and flatter, with no mystery as to how this happened.

Fair Isle Knitting with Venessa Bentley
Fair Isle knitting is a distinctive form of circular, stranded-colour knitting inspired by the seaside, meadows, moorlands, and skies of this distant place. Learn the art of Fair Isle knitting which is marked by rich colours and varied geometric designs.

For the Creative:

Creative Studio with Natalie Grambow
Creativity. How can it be tapped, mined, or made to flow when we need it most? In this original workshop, students will discovering techniques of creativity, letting go of assumptions that stop their work or hold it back.

Funk Shui Felting with Jessica de Haas
Discover the many fascinating ways to create pattern and design on the felted surface. These include fabric inlays, colour layering and cutout, creation and use of partial felts and wool and silk "papers" to achieve crisp lines.

Works on Canvas with Natalie Grambow
Canvas is for artists, and an unstretched canvas is an open invitation for the surface designer to begin exploration. In this highly creative workshop, suitable for both the novice and experienced artist, participants will be guided through the steps of making an art cloth.

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