August Arrivals at Maiwa East

by - Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We've broken the seal on a new shipping container and unloaded some very beautiful items.

We receive containers on a regular basis holding old furniture, carved doors & thresholds, teak cabinets, coffee tables, book cases, engraved water urns, ironwork chairs and tables, furniture handpainted by the renowned Abhi Shakar and Jetu Singh, and many other items both large and small.

All hardwoods are old or reclaimed.

The top cabinet is reclaimed teak with two glass doors. Perfect for a book case, stacks of textiles or your dining room plates. This cabinet stands 5 feet high.
Price 499.00

The second item is a hand carved and painted mantle. This piece is one of the architectural embellishments that we receive regularly. We have a few of these that range from 2 - 4 feet in length. They all have been finished with teak wood to make a useful shelf.
Price range $189.00 - $389.00

The third item is a wooden display case with a glass door. At 20 x 14 inches and six inches deep, these make wonderful spice cabinets for the kitchen. We've had one customer tell us they have one in the front hall to hold everything needed as they leave in the morning - keys, letters, those videos they rented and shouldn't forget, a cellphone, that borrowed book they keep meaning to return ...
Price range 89.95 - 149.95

This is a solid teak chest - finished in rich, saturated colours. These make very good small tables with the added benefit that you can hide considerable clutter inside at moment's notice (until it's full that is, then you have to get another one).
Price 249.00

Teak bench. Simple and elegant. This bench is a delight for the beauty of the wood. It makes a great accent to a front hall.
Price 299.00

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