Summer Things to do Outside: Indigo and Woad

by - Sunday, August 08, 2010

Looking for a creative summer project? If you've never experienced the magic of dyeing with indigo, summer is a perfect time to try out a vat. We know some dyers (such as Jenny Balfour-Paul and Lucy Goffin) who make it an annual social occasion with two or three friends in the garden. No need to worry about dripping on the lawn as you move the pieces from the vat to the clothesline. The sight of your blue creations waving in the breeze is a strong inspiration for new projects and techniques.

When Maiwa conducts workshops, such as this one in Morocco, it is always the indigo day which stands apart in our memories. The unique experience of colouring cloth and yarn quickly has everyone searching for items to place in the vat.

We've just redone our instructions for indigo (both synthetic and natural) and woad. They will help you get started working with these historic dyes. The instructions contain recipes for both indigo and woad, tips and cautions.

We have instruction sheets for a variety of textile techniques available for free download in our online store.

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