Lecture Series Begins ...

by - Thursday, October 15, 2009

... tonight with Charllotte Kwon's talk "The True Miracle Fibres: Natural Threads of the World." We are all very excited. Tonight launches the core of the Textile Symposium and we have been planning for this event over a year now. Recently we welcomed Michel Garcia and Bappaditya Biswas to Canada. It is Michel's first visit to North America and Bappaditya's first visit to Canada. Here Michel and Bappaditya are joined by Charllotte Kwon and Maiwa editor Tim Mclaughlin on the Granville Island Ferry Slip.

This afternoon at the Vancouver International Airport we picked up Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez and her sister. After a quick tour of Granville Island and the preparations for the Exhibition of Andean Weaving we dropped our guests at their hotel.

Everyone looks a little excited ...

This year's symposium is among other things a celebration of natural fibers. It is a global theme as 2009 is the International Year of Natural Fibers. Follow the link for more information.

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  1. it looks cold in that photo!! a bit like New England. I am so excited to be teaching at Maiwa the 26th, and hope to catch a couple of lectures while I am there


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