From Cambodia to Peru

by - Monday, October 19, 2009

It is late at night and we have just come back from the lecture hall. Last night (Oct 18) Mr. Morimoto gave his lecture describing the origins, development and purpose of the Center for Khemer Traditional Textiles. It was a compelling talk from a man who has dedicated his life to always endeavouring to make textiles more beautiful. The audience gave Mr. Morimoto a standing ovation at the end. Above he signs a copy of his book Bayon Moon - Reviving Cambodia's Textile Traditions.

Today Mr. Morimoto introduced the audience at the Exhibition of Cambodian Ikat

Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez Pattern Dreams: Weaving in the Peruvian Highlands

Tonight's lecture was delivered by Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez. The stage was packed both before and after the lecture. The textiles were exceptional. One attendee described Nilda like this "You know, she is from the village, she has left and gone beyond the village, but she's never stopped being for the village." It was a reference to Nilda's time in the United States studying at Berkely and her return to start the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco. Nilda talked candidly about the evolution of skills within the Andean groups, how they are always striving to raise the quality of spinning, knitting and weaving, about the challenges they face, and about how a successful project works only because of the combined efforts of so many committed people. Nilda is the perfect representative of the artisans. Her only regret was that the promotional duties kept her from her weaving which had always been her true love. It was an educational and compelling talk.

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