Midnight in the Garden of Natural Dye Plants

by - Sunday, October 18, 2009

On Friday evening Michel Garcia delivered his lecture Creating a Garden of Natural Dye Plants. Michel brought his deep knowledge of botany and natural dye chemistry, combined it with a subtle humour and wonderful storytelling style to relate how the Lauris Garden of Natural Dye plants was founded and established. Sadly he also told us how, due to local politics and management conflicts the garden is now closed indefinitely. The audience was visibly moved and during the question period people asked what could be done. The garden is the only one of its type in the world, completely dedicated to botanical sources of natural colour.

Michel's ability to explain the role of colourants in the world of flora is unique. Participants in his workshop (which began today) had an opportunity to experience this perspective first hand as they began the preparation of colour lakes.

Here Bappaditya Biswas watches as Michel filters a madder mixture. We have had many inquiries about Michel's lecture and we are happy to answer that, yes it will be one of our future podcasts.

Stephen Huyler Daughters of India: Art and Identity

Last night Stephen Huyler was in top form, delivering a stunning collection of images from his book Daughters of India. Mr Huyler has been travelling to India for 38 years and has been welcomed into the homes and heart of this vast and diverse country. The portraits of individuals show an intimacy and connection that is magical to witness.

For those who were inspired by the stories and imagery here are some of the links to Stephen Huyler's online works.

Daughters of India This site features Daughters of India: Art and Identity the subject of his lecture.

Another way of Seeing This site features Stephen's recently released book "Sonabai: Another Way of Seeing".

StephenHuyler.com This site contains an overview of his works, biographical information and a gallery of images.

Stephen Huyler's online presence is beautifully contructed, colourful and richly animated. We encourage everyone to visit his sites. Stephan is also participating in the Working Traveller workshop (sold out).

Warped up ...

Tonight's lecture is by Morimoto Kikuo who will present Wisdom from the Forest: Cambodian Textile Revivals and tomorrow the Maiwa Store is transformed as we present An Exhibition of Cambodian Ikat from The Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles.

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