Screen Printing

by - Thursday, April 23, 2009

2009 Maiwa Textile Symposium

Instructor Hilary Young

This invaluable two-day workshop is essential for those starting a silk-screen business and for those using the technique as a design element in textile projects. Participants will learn to print anything from t-shirts to yardage using a variety of single-pull printing methods (repeating patterns, rainbow prints, registration, etc.). All projects are done on 100% natural fibres using high quality, water-soluble fabric paint.

The photographic process of putting an image on a screen is covered in depth with each student adhering an image to a high quality, wood-frame, 18” x 20” silkscreen. The screen and the many samples created will be theirs to keep.

Feel free to bring projects from home to print on.

Hilary Young

Hilary Young has followed her early childhood delights with colour and illustration into a successful career. A student of the Edinburgh Art School, she received commendations from the Royal Society of Arts in her third year. Her work has been exhibited in the prestigious New Designers show in London where she won an award from Osborne and Little. After graduation she exhibited and sold work at Premier Vision in Paris. Ever adventurous, she later joined the Scottish Lace Company, the last remaining manufacturer of cotton Nottingham Lace (still using 100-year-old looms). Hilary was senior in-house designer where she took the role of creating new collections. Recent interests have brought her to Canada and she arrived in Vancouver in 2004. Currently, in addition to her textile arts, she is on staff at Maiwa Handprints.

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