Colour by Accident

by - Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2009 Maiwa Textile Symposium

Instructor Ann Johnston

This is a great opportunity to study with Ann Johnston, renowned author and textile artist. Ann travels from Oregon to teach this workshop.

Colour by Accident will provide the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind textures and variegated colour mixtures on fabric with simple, flexible recipes. These low-water immersion-dye recipes have been adapted by Ann to use the same dye concentrates used for dye painting and printing. The process allows for dyeing fabric in large quantities with less dye, less water, less weight, and fewer buckets than the standard immersion-dye recipes. The class will review the standard recipe for immersion dyeing, learn the purposes of each ingredient in the process, and try several variations of low-water immersion dyeing, including some that are not in the book. Students will begin to explore the unlimited possibilities of creating Colour by Accident.

Ann Johnston

First, Ann learned to sew, then she learned to dye fabric. In between, she earned a degree in Literature from Stanford University and a Masters in Geography at the University of Oregon. She taught new math in Lima, Peru, raised two sons in Oregon with her husband Jim, and started quilting. Ann’s years of experimentation with dye and fabric have led to piles of quilts, worldwide travel, numerous shows and exhibitions, five books, and not a few aches and pains. Her collectors respect her viewpoint and her students admire her generosity and skill in teaching what she knows.

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