Collage, Motif, and Material

by - Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009 Maiwa Textile Symposium

Instructor Shannon Wardroper

Shannon’s class will provide students with the opportunity to learn and practise the textile collage techniques she uses to create her own work. Centuries-old Japanese kimono wax-resist dyeing (Rozome) using acid dyes will be combined with contemporary printing and embellishing techniques. The results can yield a stunning mixture of image and tone. These multiple techniques are layered to achieve a lush depth of colour. The semi-abstract imagery produced has a unique air of mystery and intrigue.

Using combinations of technique and imagery, participants will create a range of fabric reference pieces as a future resource to transform into finished projects. This class is a rare opportunity to work beside Shannon Wardroper, who travels from Salt Spring Island. Shannon is a master craftsperson who is also the force behind a successful artisan business.

Shannon Wardroper

For an artisan, the blending of both motif and material gathered is a natural way to record a journey through multiple cultures. Shannon Wardroper of Geernaerts Textile Arts, originally from the west coast of Canada, has a background in textile design and art history from Alberta College of Art, Calgary, and Emily Carr College of Art, Vancouver. She has both studied and taught the last 10 years in Japan and Thailand with sojourns throughout Southeast Asia for study and research.

Living and working for seven years in Kyoto, Japan, where she studied traditional kimono surface design techniques and kimono dressing, she was immersed in a completely different aesthetic. She continued her study in Asia, moving to Thailand and focusing on ikat, supplementary weaving, and natural dyeing with Patricia Cheesman Naenna at Studio Naenna and Chiang Mai University.

Shannon’s work is shown internationally, with an annual highlight being botanically themed work for the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show in London.

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