The Mumbai Block Prints - A New Approach to A Traditional Craft – Mumbai Block Print Shawls and Clothing

by - Tuesday, April 25, 2023


When craft moves it changes, innovates, and becomes something new.
Mumbai block prints trace their past to the traditional block printing communities of the Kachchh desert in Gujarat. Hand carved wooden blocks, natural dyes, tannins, resists and a printing process that goes back centuries. But the Mumbai block printers have modified the printing blocks to imitate the patterning of distressed paint on cloth. This unique approach is combined with contemporary imagery to create breathtaking patterns.

These shawls were our first love. Many are worked on a heavier silk where the drape and sheen of the cloth makes the natural dyes sing. The patterns, motifs and colours are sumptuous, especially when combined with the contemporary distressed backgrounds. Like music, they are harmoniously composed and they can be worn with almost anything.



For our clothing we are working with a fine, handwoven, cotton. It is a perfect match for the distinctive, colourful patterns of this innovative style of block printing.

Over the centuries, communities of block printers have often migrated. When they do, their designs and ways of working change and evolve.

This is certainly true of the Mumbai block printers. Originally a family of artisan dyers living in Kachchh, Gujarat, The Mumbai Khatris have taken the art of hand block printing in a completely new direction. Still working with natural dyes and traditional processes, they only work in contemporary designs they themselves create. They have designed an astonishing array of special blocks to create unusual distressed effects such as might be found on old painted walls. They have also designed a range of motifs, borders and embellishments.

All of our garments are cut by hand, pre-laundered, and finished with our famous attention to detail.

To our U.S. customers – don't forget that the exchange rate works in your favour, it's like an extra discount.

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