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If you could paint with natural dyes

— imagine what you could do.

See natural dyes in a whole new way. Join us as we unlock the secrets of how to place mordants and dyes exactly where you want them.

Learn to make a paste out of either a mordant or a dye and place it on cloth with paint brushes, stencils, printing blocks or brush pens. Experience the dramatic contrasts available from ferrous and tannin combinations. Learn how to effectively finish your work and how to combine immersion techniques with direct application. Feel your creative world expand as you gain the power to  blend all the beautiful colours that mordant dyes can give.

– Over 40 detailed instructional videos with written instructions and downloadable PDF's.
– Over 25 demonstration projects.
– Preparation of dye extracts, mordants, and printing pastes with clear, step by step instructions.
– Works taken from blank cloth to finished piece so you can see the entire process. 
– Direct access to the instructors through a lively Q & A section.

Online Workshop begins January 2, 2023

This online workshop is designed to be done anywhere in the world in your home or studio. It features a robust Q&A section with instructors answering student questions and one final live zoom event.

See what people are saying about
The Print & Paint with Natural Dyes Workshop online:
What a great course!  I am overwhelmed by possibilities.  Everything about these processes intrigues me.  I look forward to watching the videos again and again as I continue to pick up tips I missed or that make more sense each time.  It's great to watch you do each step. I never expected an online course to be so fascinating and useful. Thanks a million for this class and for your expertise.
— Wendy

Loved the entire course, I will go back and study each module further. You answered so many questions I had on the processes. I started natural dyeing over 40 years ago with handspun wool yarn, when there was very little information available. Amazing!  Thanks!
— Patricia

Oh Dani and Sophena Thank you so much for this exciting, beautiful course! This last module was the most inspiring of all! It was such a dream come true to learn from you both and to gain more insight into the rich artistic traditions around the world that have inspired your work.
— Susannah 

This was completely amazing...thanks to Sophena, Dani, Tim and Charllotte for producing another brilliant workshop. I've learned so much and now have the confidence to move forward and combine the different processes. There is, however, a quite real sadness that it is over, but the out-takes at the end made me laugh just as they did at the end of the Natural Dye workshop! I now have a large sticky note over my desk reminding me that I have access to all the courses I've taken with Maiwa for three years. So my plan is to go back to the start and watch them all again. With the knowledge I've gained, I have absolutely no doubt that I'll pick up on things that went right over my head at the beginning. I've loved every minute of every workshop I've taken and I can't thank all of you enough!
— June 

Dani , Sophena, Charllotte and Tim-  Thank You for an outstanding course! I am just finished the last module now. I really enjoyed how each module was structured, the layered progression, revisiting what we previously did and then adding to it. It was a wonderful way to learn,  so well done! 
— Suzanne

Wow ~ Well Done you guys! Thank you for another amazing experience! I'm sad to come to the end, but also super-excited to start playing more with layering these processes. This, and the Natural Dye course are hands down the BEST online courses I have ever had the pleasure of taking. I'm so grateful. It was actually a trip to India that really turned my attention from printmaking on paper towards the world of textiles. I was so excited when you provided us with a little peak into the rich history of textile arts in India through this course.
— Melissa

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