REVIEW: Sue Stone - Woman With a Fish

by - Tuesday, October 09, 2018

On September 13th, the Maiwa audience were treated to a look behind the scenes into Sue Stone's life and art. Beginning with the influence of her immediate family (her Dad's work ethic and her Mom's talents as a tailor) Sue gradually broadened out her reach until she was explaining the confluence of modern graffiti with historic and family photos. Sue has worked consistently to re-imagine her world and to take this creative vision and render it in stitch-work, cloth, and textiles.

Sue had works on display at the lecture for the audience to examine close-up. One of Sue's many talents is looking at the human face in terms of geometry and then rendering this geometry in needle and thread. The results are both intimate and artful. In the era of social media, when photography is ubiquitous, the results serve to move the portrait back into the realm of rarefied object. Each work thus becomes a special encounter, invested with Sue's imagination, creativity, and humour.

Read Sue Stone's WordPress blog here.
Sue Stone was introduce by Bonnie Adie.

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