Fall Shawls - Wrapture, Weave, & Pattern

by - Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Linen. Silk-Cotton. Wool.
Ajrakh Block Print. Dabu Block Print. Bhujodi Weave.

A handwoven cotton-silk shawl with a border of gold "zari" lines on each end. The central field is block printed in traditional ajrakh patterns by the Khatri family who are specialists in natural dyes.

Woven on traditional handlooms in the village of Bhujodi. Naturally dyed with indigo. Embellished with hand embroidered motifs and shisha mirrors. Made from a lightweight wool with an elegant, responsive hand.

These linen shawls are block printed with traditional ajrakh designs. Printing on linen requires special skills and keen attention to the natural dye print process. The results are masterful examples of the ajrakh art made by the Khatri family of the Kachchh Desert.

As with linen, block printing on wool takes special skill and a deep knowledge of natural dyes. The Khatri family of the Kachchh Desert has achieved remarkable results with a balanced palette of rich natural colour and pattern.

The Dabu mud resist technique of block printing often lends itself to graphic playfulness and bold statements. When worked in natural dyes the results sing in saturated yet harmonious tones.

Dabu mud resist printing on silk cotton. Naturally dyed.

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