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Long ago Maiwa established itself as a leader in natural dyes. We supply makers with raw ingredients, teach a range of natural dye techniques and encourage the continuation of traditional processes worldwide.

Now we are pleased to take our knowledge into the book arts. Maiwa's ink maker, Tim McLaughlin (@artisan_ink) has formulated a special logwood iron gall ink to celebrate this new endeavour. The ink is bottled in porcelain vessels specially commissioned for this project and thrown by BC potter Robert Bush. The ink pots are stoppered with a cork and sealed with wax. There are only 40 bottles available. Each pot is numbered. We've divided the stock between our online store, and displays in our Granville Island location and Maiwa East.

 Pen & Ink



This is a special formulation of traditional iron gall ink. The inclusion of logwood gives this ink an immediate purple black. Once on paper, the ink will oxidize to give a permanent, waterproof, black - as dark and as profound as a starless night. Iron gall inks give clear hairlines and bold blacks when used for pointed pen or Spencerian calligraphy. The inclusion of logwood permits a significant reduction in the amount of ferrous contained in this ink.

For use with dip pens or brushes (iron gall inks are not suitable for use in fountain pens). 


Ink Takes Shape is an annual collaboration between Maiwa's Tim McLaughlin and an artisan vessel maker. Each year will see the production of a limited edition ink housed in an artisan-made vessel. Tim teaches an inkmaking workshop as part of the Maiwa School of  Textiles. He is presently formulating a series of natural dye inks for Maiwa.

 Robert Bush Pottery


A graduate of Vancouver's Emily Carr College of Art & Design, Robert Bush is known for his innovative crystalline glazes and wheel-thrown pots. He works in stoneware and porcelain using highfire reduction. Since 1981 Robert has been a member of the Circle Craft Artist's Co-operative and his work may be found in the Circle Craft gallery on Granville Island, Vancouver. Robert maintains an active studio practice. Works may also be found on his facebook page.

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